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FIND (Foot In The Door)

8 May , 2017  


Are you an aspiring film/television creative?   As many of us know, getting into the creative industry can be a long and at times spirit crushing journey! Even with the experience and qualifications, with thousands of people trying to work in the creative industry it can seem daunting.   Foot in the Door is an […]

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Taking Part at Bernie Grants!

6 Oct , 2015  


How Talent Match coordinated the Taking Part event.   On Saturday 5th September partners from throughout the European Cultural Learning Network gathered at Bernie Grants Arts Centre to celebrate everything Collage Arts has been working towards for the past 30 years. This event involved apprentices and both current and former Chocolate Factory Artists and a diverse […]

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Film Club, Whats New?

Film-making Opportunities!

17 Sep , 2015  


Media Trust is looking for talented filmmakers! Are you a filmmaker from Enfield, Hounslow, Haringey or Brent? Media Trust and Film London are looking for a team of 10 aspiring filmmakers, aged 16-24, to make a creative short film that brings your local area to life. We will give you a £500 production budget and support and […]

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Whats New?

Now casting for 5D Live – Actors, Singers & Dancers wanted!

17 Sep , 2015  


We are now holding casting workshops for our event on: Tuesday 29th September  /  2pm- 5pm Wednesday 30th September  /  7pm-9pm So whether you have absolutely no experience in acting, singing or dancing or you fancy yourself North London’s answer to Hugh Jackman, come down and take part!! To attend workshops or simply find out more […]

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Our Talent Match Thrillogy!

24 Jun , 2015  


(Yes, we cringed at the name too…) Last Thursday saw Talent Match host its third monthly social and lucky for us, the sun was shining the whole time. To start off with, participant Hannah Buller gave us a glimpse into her Sports club (starting Tuesday 7th July!!) and took us down to Alexandra Palace for a sports-themed […]

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Film Club

Next Stop: Japan

4 Jun , 2015  


This weeks film club saw us visit the wonderful world of Anime – and what a better way to kick things off than by watching the winner of the 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, ‘Spirited Away.’ This animated fantasy film directed by Hayao Miyazaki takes us on journey to Japan where we see 10-year […]

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Film Club, Whats New?


26 May , 2015  

whiplash 1

Whiplash. The 2014 film – that earned no less than 5 Academy Award nominations (and won 3 of them) – tells the story of Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) an aspiring jazz drummer working under the tutelage of his ruthless instructor Terence Fletcher (J.K Simmons), a man known for his terrifying teaching methods at the prestigious […]

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Film Club

We took a trip to the ’60’s…

21 May , 2015  


Kicking off our music-theme for film club, we watched ‘The Boat That Rocked” and travelled back in time to 1966 – a year that saw England win the World Cup, when Lennon met Yoko and saw Britain at the beginning of its musical peak. The film depicts a story of a group of men (and one […]


Film Club

Psycho, much?

14 May , 2015  


As a result of the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, us film enthusiasts decided to get out of the hub (even though we love it there) and attend one of Alexandra Palace’s drive-in cinema event to watch Mary Harron’s millennium masterpiece ‘American Psycho.’ —- The 2000 psychological thriller/comedy stars Christian Bale as […]