Opportunities, Whats New?

Roundhouse Studios

21 Sep , 2016  

The Roundhouse is a hub of inspiration where artists and emerging talent create extraordinary work and where young people can grow creatively as individuals. They believe in the power of creativity to change lives. By giving young people the chance to engage with the arts through their music, media and performance projects, they inspire them to reach further, dream bigger, and achieve more.


They are offering a range of interesting music, performing arts and creative media opportunities for young people aged 11-25 during Autumn. Some of these opportunities include:

  • A new Intro to Film & Animation project, covering how to create GIFs and Vines using cameras and iPads.
  • Drop-In sessions in how to make radio, how to DJ and what is involved in music production.
  • Their new Protest Poetry Project, covering writing and performance skills whilst exploring how art can create change.


If you are interested click here for more information and to get involved!


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