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Words from our board

20 May , 2014  


#TalentMatchLondon #CareersNotJobs Dowa: “It’s not your average organisation that throws any job at you to make their books look good.” Touka: “If you help other young people to improve their lives, you have a sense of purpose” Mel: “By joining Talent Match, people can start a career in something they actually want to do,  using their […]

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Embark on the journey of change

16 Apr , 2014  


On the Talent Match London Journey of Change, young people will navigate through a menu of activites and they will be able to ENGAGE, ASSESS, EXPLORE, SKILL-UP, FOCUS, ACHIEVE AND SUSTAIN. Employers are involved alongside the Journey so that young people can be nurtured into positive pathway and productive career.   

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Where to start?

17 Mar , 2014  

Collage Arts in partnership with KORI, Rinova, Enterprise Enfield and Metropolitan are delivering Talent Match London in North London.   Don’t know where to start on your journey to a better future?     Contact the Talent Match London team at Collage Arts call 020 8829 8900  * email learning@collage-arts.org  *  register your details here […]

Breakfast Club

Intro to Breakfast Club

1 Mar , 2014  


The idea of breakfast club is to show young people that you have place to go, not only have some breakfast but to network with other young talent people around the area. Just as they say, its not only about what you do but its also the people you know. I cant emphasise the importance of […]

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So what makes us different?

14 Feb , 2014  


Talent Match London has been designed by young people, in partnership with employers and the voluntary sector.   We can help build the skills, confidence & resilience that young people need for a fulfilling career. We will help you to: Get onto a journey towards work, like college courses, skills training, pre-apprenticeships, or volunteering Gain […]

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Launch of Talent Match London

22 Jan , 2014  


Talent Match London launches today, a Big Lottery Fund and London Youth programme designed by young people that aims to create opportunities for the most disadvantaged, supporting them into training, work and careers over the next 5 years.  With a particular emphasis on supporting those young people facing the biggest barriers, and delivered by a […]