Film Club

Next Stop: Japan

4 Jun , 2015  


This weeks film club saw us visit the wonderful world of Anime – and what a better way to kick things off than by watching the winner of the 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, ‘Spirited Away.’ This animated fantasy film directed by Hayao Miyazaki takes us on journey to Japan where we see 10-year […]

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Live Lab

LiveLab Tutors Wanted!

29 May , 2015  

Leon Manny 2

LiveLab is looking for accomplished musicians in need of experience! If you’ve got the skills and the patience – We Want You!   Here at LiveLab we aren’t fussed about your grades or qualifications; just your willingness to share your talent. If you have at least three years experience in a certain instrument and believe […]


Live Lab

Open Mic Nights @ The Dukes!

29 May , 2015  


  One great gig can change the world… Welcome to LiveLab Presents… Open Mic at The Dukes; a night consisting of the finest blend of smooth acoustic vibes and whiskey soaked rock ‘n’ roll! Umi’s Guarantee: “It’s quite possibly the most fun you can have in Wood Green on a Thursday.” LiveLab welcomes any caliber […]

Film Club, Whats New?


26 May , 2015  

whiplash 1

Whiplash. The 2014 film – that earned no less than 5 Academy Award nominations (and won 3 of them) – tells the story of Andrew Neiman (Miles Teller) an aspiring jazz drummer working under the tutelage of his ruthless instructor Terence Fletcher (J.K Simmons), a man known for his terrifying teaching methods at the prestigious […]

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Film Club

We took a trip to the ’60’s…

21 May , 2015  


Kicking off our music-theme for film club, we watched ‘The Boat That Rocked” and travelled back in time to 1966 – a year that saw England win the World Cup, when Lennon met Yoko and saw Britain at the beginning of its musical peak. The film depicts a story of a group of men (and one […]


Business Club

MyBnk – Learn how your money works!

20 May , 2015  

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 16.24.59

Business club has a great opportunity coming up in the month of June! Every Wednesday in June from 2-4pm MyBnk will be a workshop that every young person would be advised to attend. The workshop will be touching base on various financial areas and money worries that young adults face when moving through different stages of […]

Film Club

Psycho, much?

14 May , 2015  


As a result of the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, us film enthusiasts decided to get out of the hub (even though we love it there) and attend one of Alexandra Palace’s drive-in cinema event to watch Mary Harron’s millennium masterpiece ‘American Psycho.’ —- The 2000 psychological thriller/comedy stars Christian Bale as […]


DiGi DoJo, Whats New?

Dive into HTML5

6 May , 2015  


There are bunch of links below for us to explore and make use of.. if you are interested in learning HTML & CSS, you can practice no matter where you are.. as long as you have internet or locally saved the files of course. Dive into these webpages/ebooks. Easy to use and follow, with chapters and table of content. […]


Whats New?

Still not sure who to vote for? Share your links!

6 May , 2015  


Tomorrow is the election day, so theres not much time left. If your still not sure.. its best to start reading now and get a better understanding. Here are some useful links to help: They Work For You Your Next MP vInspired Who Should You Vote For Vote For Policies Vote Match Other useful links […]

DiGi DoJo, Whats New?

Let Google be your friend!

25 Apr , 2015  

Screenshot 2015-04-25 20.33.42

Google is growing by the minute. Take advantage of the freebie tools. Here are 78 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Google. When visiting the page, you can filter by Category and Product. Want to try some Google Tricks? Type these into Google Search and see what happens.. Zerg rush Do a barrel […]

Film Club, Whats New?

Media Trust Event

21 Apr , 2015  


Recently, Joel Stern (member of Film Club) attended a TV production masterclass hosted by Media Trust in collaboration with UKTV. Below is his recount of the event. The Media Trust’s Masterclass is a fantastic event for any young person considering starting a career in media. Whether you are interested in television, presenting, music or journalism […]

Business Club, Whats New?

Young & Ready for Business!

17 Apr , 2015  

Talent Match Biz Clubs

In amidst of the young musicians, artists, media heads other creatives lies the not so focused on young person that has ideas just as creative as the rest but are not given much support or leeway to actually develop their ideas any further. These young creatives often loose interest in their ideas and instead of […]

Accomplishments, Live Lab, Whats New?

Jam Band is on the go!

10 Apr , 2015  


If you’re looking for straight up practical experience in songwriting, band rehearsal, recording, mixing and mastering, art and graphics or even events and management then LiveLab has the opportunity of a lifetime for you. Jam Band’s first track Up & Down will be recorded soon. Everyone (with any level of experience) is welcome to the […]

Film Club, Whats New?

Fargo Review – by Francis Augusto

7 Apr , 2015  


We continued our crime month here at Talent Match Film Club by watching the 1996 neo-noir comedy ‘Fargo,’ written, directed, produced and edited by Joel & Ethan Cohen. For this session, we were joined by Francis Augusto – one of the Youth Worker’s from our lead partner at Talent Match, London Youth – and here is his […]

Film Club

What are you going to do about it?

2 Apr , 2015   Video

Talent Match film club have created a film aiming to get young people across London to take action when it comes to politics – this could be voting, peaceful protesting or even starting your own political party! As well as inviting you to watch and share ‘What Are You Going To Do About It?’, we […]

Film Club

Resevoir Dogs

26 Mar , 2015  


Kicking off our crime/heist theme for film club, we decided to watch the classic film and Quentin Tarantino’s debut ‘Reservoir Dogs.’ The 1992 film has a whole heap of Hollywood names behind it including Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel and Michael Masden and tells the story of a group of thieves who learn there is an informer […]

Film Club, Whats New?

Film Club: Engagement & Enjoyment

25 Mar , 2015  


After taking advantage of all the career services and advice the Talent Match staff could offer me,  I began to take notice of the clubs initiative their own Youth Board had started. With networking sessions for anything from art and design to business management, I was spoiled for choice with where to begin. As film […]

Breakfast Club, Whats New?

Talent Match Welcomes Joel Stern

23 Mar , 2015  


I’ve always had a keen interest in film-making and screen-writing but pursuing this dream remained a hazy objective until I joined Talent Match. I was introduced through a friend who had completed one of their apprenticeship programs and I turned up to a session one Wednesday morning unsure of what to expect. Instantly I was […]

DiGi DoJo, Whats New?

The Coding Bit

22 Mar , 2015  

Screenshot 2015-03-22 18.53.13

Has coding ever looked pretty complicated from a distance? It can be, if your not one bit familiar, but don’t let that put you off. It don’t take loads of effort to develop a good understanding of how the web works. As the web progresses and grows you can make use of and take advantage of the little knowledge/skill […]

Film Club

Review Time…

19 Mar , 2015  


We kicked off the film club reviews by watching Charlie Brooker’s Channel 4 series ‘Black Mirror’ – below are what the guys at film club thought of S1E2: ‘Fifteen Million Merits.’ Leon Armstrong ‘Black Mirror’ is a British series created by Charlie Brooker. The whole series is based around modern society and the concept of […]

Whats New?

Building Trust, Hope and Confidence

30 Jan , 2015  


Talent Match in North London have had a busy, successful 2014, working on engaging with young unemployed people in the boroughs of Enfield, Haringey, and Waltham Forest. As well as helping over half of our participants complete the programme and achieve positive outcomes, we continue to aid young people with their personal development and help […]

Accomplishments, Whats New?

Celebrating our first year

23 Jan , 2015  

TM 1Year

Talent Match London January 2015: Celebrating our First Year! 2014 was a momentous start for Collage Arts and the Talent Match London delivery partnership in North London, that saw 24 young people supported all the way into valuable positive outcomes, whether they were further training opportunities, university places, or, for many, full time paid work. […]

Whats New?

The Story of Polly Dolly

16 Dec , 2014  


A few months ago, I took part in a theming workshop teaching all about how all the décor in places like theme parks and themed cafes like the Rainforest Café lent an air of wonder to places, and how to construct the décor, which is called ‘theming’. It was an interesting experience, and it was […]

Whats New?

Unemployed young people & the internet

4 Nov , 2014  


When you’re unemployed, the world doesn’t look the same as it does for everybody else. Ads are taunting you, price tags are mocking you. If you have ever wondered why a jobless young person opens a seemingly harmless website and sighs, sobs or swears, read on – here’s what they’re seeing         […]

Accomplishments, Whats New?

Advice from a Talent Matcher

5 Aug , 2014  


Birsu, one of the first Talent Matchers on the North London programme, was successful in getting a job at Cocorose London’s pop-up shop in Covent Garden after being unemployed for over 18 months. This has been a great outcome for her and she is still getting support with ongoing coaching and guidance from Toby and the […]

Accomplishments, Whats New?

Success for Birsu!

30 Jun , 2014  


The Collage Arts team have been working hard to complete the new Talent Match London office to offer a fresh new environment for young people to explore, learn and work in.  The space has been designed to be used multi-functionally where young people familiarise themselves with a different kind of working space and can observe […]