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Calling Creative Humans to Design

26 Jan , 2016  

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Calling creatives and potential creatives. We have an upcoming project , which gives you the space to exercise your creativity , practice and gain confidence in  painting. We are embarking on a redesign of The Chocolate Factory 2 . We are adorning the corridors and stairwells with murals , large patterned artworks, large photographic images, […]

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Calling all creatives!

8 Jan , 2016  


As you may or may not know, Talent Match will be going through some changes within the next few weeks – one of these changes is a new logo! We’re looking for any creative young person to design our new logo, which will be used on the website, on t-shirts, on leaflets etc. The logo […]

Live Lab

Want to learn an instrument?

6 Jan , 2016  


It’s 2016 and that gives you the opportunity to do something new! Maybe you made some New Year’s resolutions… was one of them ‘learn an instrument’? Don’t lie to yourself, you’ve always wanted to be able to play like Dave Grohl, or Andrew Neiman, that kid from ‘Whiplash’. Well, finally you have the chance to learn! […]

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Journey of Change in Animation!

15 Dec , 2015   Video

The Talent Match London youth board have created an animation to show the Journey of Change a young person on Talent Match London goes on. The animation was designed and created by some of the participants on the programme with the help of Curious Kid; a non- profit organisation who specialise in graphic design and […]


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We Came. We saw. We conquered!

11 Dec , 2015  


As young people are struggling more & more to find opportunities that will allow them to gain skills & experience in areas relevant to their career goals and to engage with their peers and possible employers we at Talent Match decided to take up this challenge & 5D Live was born!   On the 29th […]

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Great Platforms for Young Entrepreneurs

23 Nov , 2015  


So you have successfully registered your business and you are up and running, but you feel as though you have no great contacts, you also need support and to be in a space with other young people doing similar things to you! There aren’t many organisations that solve all three problems in one go!  But […]

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Taking Part at Bernie Grants!

6 Oct , 2015  


How Talent Match coordinated the Taking Part event.   On Saturday 5th September partners from throughout the European Cultural Learning Network gathered at Bernie Grants Arts Centre to celebrate everything Collage Arts has been working towards for the past 30 years. This event involved apprentices and both current and former Chocolate Factory Artists and a diverse […]

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Build it Bigger! Build it Better!

6 Oct , 2015  


As you may have heard we have building workshops that take place in The Hub at the Chocolate Factory twice a week, every week. We’re letting our creative juices flow with painting, stenciling, sewing, upholstering, building, carving and skip diving! These workshops are allowing us to collaborate & be as creative & inventive as possible. […]

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Whats New?


6 Oct , 2015  


Just Kidding! But we are having a textiles workshop at the Chocolate factory! Come along and you can learn how to cut patterns and use a sewing machine to make costumes which we’re going to use for our 5D Live Project.   When & Where: Thursday 8th October Chocolate Factory 2, Coburg Road, Wood Green, London, […]

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Business Club, Whats New?

Money Works Workshop Coming Back this November!

5 Oct , 2015  


So our Money Works Workshop is back this Nov! All you aspiring entrepreneurs, sole traders and any young people that want to learn a bit more on how to manage your finances this is for you! Our previous participants learnt a magnitude in regards to saving money for the things they want, how to budget […]

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5D Live Build Workshops

24 Sep , 2015  

Build Workshop

We are looking for people who would be interested in attending our weekly build workshops to help make the set and props for our 5D Live project.


Film Club

Cocorose London videoshoot

21 Sep , 2015   Gallery


Today we done a video-shoot for Cocorose London to promote their shoe packaging. They wanted us to demonstrate the way customers would interact with their products and what accessories were included. We demonstrated how to unpack the shoes and showed how their shoes have a unique way of folding into a compact bag, making it easier […]

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Film-making Opportunities!

17 Sep , 2015  


Media Trust is looking for talented filmmakers! Are you a filmmaker from Enfield, Hounslow, Haringey or Brent? Media Trust and Film London are looking for a team of 10 aspiring filmmakers, aged 16-24, to make a creative short film that brings your local area to life. We will give you a £500 production budget and support and […]

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Now casting for 5D Live – Actors, Singers & Dancers wanted!

17 Sep , 2015  


We are now holding casting workshops for our event on: Tuesday 29th September  /  2pm- 5pm Wednesday 30th September  /  7pm-9pm So whether you have absolutely no experience in acting, singing or dancing or you fancy yourself North London’s answer to Hugh Jackman, come down and take part!! To attend workshops or simply find out more […]

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Business Club, Whats New?

I have an idea….Where do I start?

16 Sep , 2015  


So you have an idea that will potentially make you millions and have you rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous…or maybe you’re just a young person with an idea that you want to take a little further. In the last few years there has been an abundance of organisations that are offering start up […]

Whats New?

Donate your junk for 5D Live.. and get involved!

9 Sep , 2015  


Not long to go for this unique event to start!! Want to get involved? Follow this link to check out some of the opportunities (and yes, we can become your referee). Donate your junk to help us with 5D Live, be part of this massive event for all to enjoy!

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It’s time for another Social…

7 Sep , 2015  


  As we enter September and say officially say goodbye to Summer, we at Talent Match thought it would be a good time to have another social! On Friday 11th September 2015, we will be organising an afternoon out to the Arthouse in Crouch End to see Legend (watch trailer here) – the new biopic about notorious criminal […]

Business Club, Whats New?

Whats Next for Business Club?

28 Aug , 2015  


There has been a lot going on in the enterprise space of Talent Match, and projects have been overtaken by workshops as there has been a strong need to inform young entrepreneurs on skills and habits they need to learn and use in order to work and set up their businesses efficiently. We have had […]

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‘Neets’ that don’t want to work?!

26 Aug , 2015  


The following news article posted by Daily Mail highlights how people who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) are not trying to skill up, become job ready or apply for simple jobs?! Thats crazy! We all are given chance to live up to our true potential, sometimes it only requires showing up. It all starts somewhere, and […]


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Apprenticeships vs University (Videographic)

17 Jul , 2015   Video

What do you guys think about this video-graphic?

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iCould! Real stories to inspire your career

17 Jul , 2015  


When looking for a different career path or perhaps indecisiveness kicks in, it can be quite daunting. If in doubt at all, its a good idea to explore what other people have chosen as their career and take a minute to listen to their reasons. For a better insight here are a few links from iCould that […]

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Business Club, Whats New?

Too Much About Nothing – How To Combat Procrastination

6 Jul , 2015  


Procrastination is sometimes the biggest culprit when it comes to not achieving goals and never getting started with a new venture or project. It is said that for 20% of the population procrastination is a chronic problem! With all the distractions we face as youth, be it social media, socialising or even just the subconscious fear […]

Palace Sports Club, Whats New?

Picnic and Games

30 Jun , 2015  


Last week a group of us Talent Match people, took a stroll down to Alexandra Palace. (Strolling down to the park) We sat down in a sweet shady spot took out the blankets and picnic, made ourselves some sandwiches and gobbled up fresh berries and cakes. We relaxed in the glorious sun, tummies stuffed, drinking […]

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My Experience at Talent Match

29 Jun , 2015  


LATEISHA AND HER POEM Before she began with Talent Match London, Lateisha Dobbs was struggling to find work, but not for lack of effort or enthusiasm. By her own admission a quiet and reserved person, the team at Collage Arts working on Talent Match London helped Lateisha to find a more extroverted side and even […]

Business Club, Whats New?

Legally Self Employed?!

24 Jun , 2015  

Screenshot 2015-07-01 16.25.30

Do you get taxed at source or are you a freelancer / contractor?  Are you paying your income tax and national insurance contributions? Perhaps you’ve thought about becoming self-employed? Find out all you need to know about becoming self-employed at the business club workshop on Wednesday 15th July 2015 from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM Improve […]


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Our Talent Match Thrillogy!

24 Jun , 2015  


(Yes, we cringed at the name too…) Last Thursday saw Talent Match host its third monthly social and lucky for us, the sun was shining the whole time. To start off with, participant Hannah Buller gave us a glimpse into her Sports club (starting Tuesday 7th July!!) and took us down to Alexandra Palace for a sports-themed […]

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Palace Sports Club, Whats New?

Palace Sports Club

17 Jun , 2015  


We have longed for the Palace Sports Club Where participants have an opportunity to become fitter and healthier. Starts 7th July! For further information please contact Hannah at hannah@discoveryourtalent.co.uk.