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Cut Marketing Costs & Gain More Exposure!

27 Jan , 2016  

Statistics prove that 60% of SMEs do not have an online website, let alone any social media presence!

Some businesses state that they’re too small, others that it doesn’t suite their business field. But some of these reasons come from a lack of knowledge. In this day and age literally EVERYONE is on some type of social media or just the internet.

Many businesses have sky rocketed with the help of social media, some businesses are yet to understand how much they can boost their business.

Here are a few ways having the right social media can boost business!


  • Increase Brand Recognition

Social media gives you a chance to increase your brand visibility, through increasing your companies voice and content. You gain the chance to access new customers and become more recognisable to your current clients.


  • Improved Brand Loyalty & High Conversion Rates

Clients and customers seeing brands via social media allows room for them to connect with your brand on an almost “human” level. People enjoy doing business with people rather than ambiguous companies; studies have shown that social media has a 100% higher lead to close rates than any outbound marketing.


  • Decrease Marketing Costs 

Another study shows that as little as 6 hours extra time a day spent on social media helped boost traffic to brands, this heavily reduces costs spent on external marketing and merchandise without reducing the amount of people reached.


Talent Match are creating our own “Digital Youth”, these are young individuals that will have undergone training to become pros at “Strategic Social Media”. After completing an extensive training course with one of the UKs leading Digital Media Organisations, our digital youth will be more than ready to freelance for multiple businesses to get their business media off the ground!