5D Live

Collage Arts will be presenting a free event called 5D Live, where you are the film! The attendees will be involved in an exciting, multi-sensory cinematic experience which immerses them in a film which is kept secret until the day of the event. The event will be for young people interested in working in the creative arts & media industry. We will be inviting a variety of companies within this industry which will give them and young people a chance to engage and network with their peers at an event that showcases the talents of many different areas of creative arts and media. This youth led project will utilise skills from a variety of young people who are either employed, unemployed and looking for employment in various industries or young people who just want to learn new skills.


This project is an opportunity for young people to gain work experience, especially those interested in working specifically in the creative arts & media industry. It has helped those who needed experience develop new skills and gave those who had skills and previous experience an opportunity to use them. This project has allowed them to be heavily involved in the creative process whether it’s big jobs such at building the set or smaller jobs such as making themed decorations and props and during the process we always request & consider the input of those involved as this event is by young people for young people. We were able to create a range of job roles for young people who either wanted to be involved in the process, the event itself or both such as performing arts, set design, sound engineering and more.


Overall this project is as much about fun and engagement for young people as it is about skills and experience. We wanted to provide an accessible event that is positive, inclusive and current that young people could enjoy but could also feel that what we are doing can be achieved by anyone regardless of their age or experience. We also want to show young people that if they can’t find opportunities theres nothing stopping them from creating their own. This project was a chance to help young people improve their confidence within themselves, their abilities and their craft so once they have the opportunity to work in their area of interest they know that they are capable and have work to show for it.


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